Looking to Move or need Storage?



Generally, there are three main choices for packing:

  • You can pack everything yourselves, in which case we can supply all the cartons and packing materials.
  • We can pack everything.
  • We can just pack your breakables and you pack the remainder.

Whatever you require, the choice is yours!

D.I.Y. Packing

If you choose to pack the smalls and breakables yourself, we can supply all the boxes and packing materials that you will need. These can be delivered well in advance of your move to give you plenty of time and not have a last minute rush. The cartons are flat and do not take up much room until you need them. They simply need to be taped, with the tape supplied.

We do also have a full price list for all of our packing materials below.

Standard Cartons: 46x46x51cm (18″x18″x20″) – For china, glass, pots & pans, linen etc – £3.00 Each

Book / small cartons: 46x46x30cm (18″x18″x12″) – £2.50 Each

Wardrobe cartons: Our staff will normally pack all your hanging clothes as part of a standard ‘Owner Pack’ move but you may have them in advance if, for instance you are dismantling or selling your wardrobes – £14.99 Each

Bubble Wrap: For more delicate items 500mm x 100mm – £14.99 a roll.

Plain paper: For packing breakables – no dirty glasses to wash after the move.  £12.99 per 10kg ream

Acid free tissue paper: For lead crystal and silver – no damage through tarnishing etc which can happen if stored in boxes for any length of time – 1000 sheets.  £19.99.

5 Ply paper export blankets: To protect delicate veneered furniture or mattresses etc –  From £5 Each

Polythene mattress and three-piece suite covers: To prevent soiling to upholstery – From £3 Each

Packaging tape: £1.50 per roll

Fragile packaging tape: £1.50 per roll

Colour coded packaging tape: £2.50 per roll

Tape gun: £6.99 Each